Flatface - Yellow G16 Deck (33.6mm)

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After 20 years of meticulous deck-making, the FlatFace G16 is here! I've created this shape with performance in mind, to create the easiest possible fingerboard to use.

Inspired by a certain G15.12 deck that came out a little steeper than usual, which I have been using since 2014, this board is an improved version of one of the best boards I ever made!

The G16 features a precision low concave, and a little bit higher nose and tail than usual. I've kept the same wheelbase and flowy style you know and love from the FlatFace G15. People have been asking me what boards I've been using in my videos for the last few months and where they can find that shape, well, here it is!

I find that the low concave doesn't get in the way of doing tricks as much, and the steep kicks make popping even easier! A subtle motion is all it takes to do tricks low and realistic, and if you pop as hard as normal, you can reach new heights! I recommend taking some time to get used to the reduced effort required to use these decks! Once you get used to it, you won't want to use anything else! I find it helps a lot in doing many difficult technical tricks, for example, heelflips out of tailslides. I even got better at nollie heels!

These boards were designed with a lot of trial and error to get the exact perfect dimensions to perform best on both Blackriver and Dynamic trucks! Because of the way each truck changes the performance and wheelbase, I recommend using Blackriver trucks if you want an easier time keeping your tricks lower and realistic, and Dynamic trucks for an even easier or higher pop because of the trucks angle creating a longer wheelbase. I recommend using 32mm trucks on these 33.6mm decks. 

The G16 features slightly shorter kicks than the G15. The nose is slightly steeper than the tail, just like a real skateboard, and this helps with performance as well! Be prepared to get used to this board shape for a few days as it is fairly different than what you may be used to!

Teamrider James O'Niell says: "That G16 is by far the best-performing deck I've used ever". I would have to agree with him!

Size: 33.6mm x 97mm


  • 1x Deck
  • 1x Foam Tape 

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