Unique - Glow Abstracted Graphic Deck (RANDOM COLOUR)

Shape: Juvie
Size: 34mm
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Professional fingerboard decks handmade in small batches by Mallory Curtis. Each deck is optimised for high-performance finger-boarding. Decks are constructed using the highest quality materials and the highest manufacturing standards.

Nesting Shape: 96.5mm length - Medium Kicks, Medium Concave, standard wheelbase.

Juvie Shape: 97mm length - Medium/High Kicks, Medium Concave, shortened wheelbase. 

Hatchling Shape: 94.5mm length - Mellow Kicks, Mellow Concave, shortened wheelbase.


  • 1x deck
  • 1x sheet of Slushcult "That Tape" 
  • Stickers

Random colour graphic. The colour may vary from the product photo.

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