Starter Pack No. 2

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Note: Completes do not come preassembled

1x The Originals Collection - Red Deck (Medium Kicks, Medium Concave, 5 PLY, 30MM)
2x Mirror Trucks (29MM)
4x Shadow CNC Bearing Wheels
1x Uncut Skull Tape (Foam)
1x Skull Tool
All Screws, Nuts And Hardware Included

The Queen's Guard Deck (Low Kicks, Low Concave, 5 PLY, 32MM)
2x BlueTrucks (32MM)
4x Red CNC High Quality Bearing Wheels
1x Skull Tool
1x Uncut Skull Tape
All Screws, Nuts And Hardware Included

1x EMA Ramps Fingerboard Round Rail (Black) - Dimensions include 11" L x 1 1/2" H

2x Mini Wooden Fingerboard Pallet (Length:12cm,Width:8cm,Height:2.3cm)

3x Uncut Skull Tape (Foam) (Width:35MM)

1x Pack of Elastico Bushings (Random Colour)