"Big Daddy´z" white

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Winkler Wheels - "Big Daddy´z" white

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As early as in 1986 Martin Winkler has started to produce fingerboard wheels for his own needs. The development continuously proceeded from the first handmade eraser wheels to the world's first bearing wheels. Since 2002 the professional bearing wheels have been made in Germany. 
These professional wheels are made for professional fingerboarding – in other words, they are an essential component for the fine-tuning of your pro setup. 

Big Daddy'z are characterized by a wider contact surface and a bigger radius. Therefore they are not only perfect for flowing through a street park, but also for riding transitions like pipes and bowls. 
From now the wheels are available in white and blue with a nice high quality print.

We recommend to use the wheels with Blackriver Trucks as both products are explicitly made to match perfectly.